CAE GStore is a company dedicated at the performance of professional services in the fields of engineering and the consulting about work-risk prevention.

CAE Gstore is build up by a multitasking training technical team with wide experience in proyect management. Our Work-Risk Prevention experts (ORP) have wide experience in ORP consulting for construction sites, industries and service companies, as well as in the Business Activities Coordination (CAE) management.

Cae Gstore

Persuated of the importance to improve, we work every day giving the relevance at creativity and innovation, the spirit of our team is constantly worried for search TECHNICAL SOLUTION and creative for situation and challenge that we face, discovering on a creative way improvement opportunities.

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Indipendent Software of processes and documentation management on the area of Business Activities Coordination

CAE Gstore is a modular tool that allows the integration of the management of every company areas.

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